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Fun in the Park

A 501(c)4 Non-Profit of Wilsonville Celebration Days


August 3rd, 2019


What is Fun in the Park?

A wholesome, FREE festival in the heart of Wilsonville to amuse, entertain, educate, and delight was born at a time of city contention over water treatment and siting of a women’s prison. 

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Our Sponsors

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thousand Dollars Raised

47 cash or in-kind sponsors have contributed over $636,000 to help keep the event free for all ages.


Years Serving our community

Hundreds of vendors to provide countless activities and refreshments.


Thousand visitors

Thousands fill the event each and every year.


Breakdown of Fun


Creative Fun and games

Whether by skill, chance, or simple amusement, players will have a variety of challenges of a sporting nature, many with prizes attached, from testing your piloting skills in a flight simulator, digging for one of a thousand gems, stacking cups, winning a cake walk or Portland Winterhawks hockey tickets, to testing your luck in bingo and many other games.

Body art

Body art and “dolling” up are typical festival favorites, and Fun in the Park has 11 venues in this category of festooning oneself for show.

Petting Zoo

Animals of all sorts that are more than happy to interact with you! 

Professional Entertainers

You can’t help bumping into professional entertainers (we call them “roving revelers”) who ply their grin-producing skills throughout the park.


Interested in being a vendor?

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