Breakdown of Fun

10 a.m. To 4 p.m. Saturday, August 3, 2019
Town Center Park

In its 18th year, the annual Fun in the Park Festival grew out of Wilsonville Celebration Days in October, 2000, transitioning from a pioneer-focused Boones Ferry  Days that ran from 1970 through 1999.  Fun in the Park is a unique FREE festival and wholesome celebration of a “community coming together” through collaborative efforts of businesses, churches, clubs, civic groups, and practices to amuse, entertain, educate, and delight.  It involves over 150 organizations and 700+ volunteers.



Creative fun has been a staple of Fun in the Park from its beginning. Patient volunteers provide the makings and guidance for a variety of crafts. These projects await attendees, all involving a personal touch of color, creativity and/or craftiness…leading to a smile of satisfaction from young creators. Veterans of FITP have learned the convenience of having a tote bag to at the ready to collect crafts and prizes along the way. 



Taken all together, animals at Fun in the Park from over the years would form quite a menagerie. Birds and reptiles have been part of the “petting” opportunities for many years, but this year a “petting zoo” joins the fun. 



Body art and “dolling” up are typical festival favorites, and Fun in the Park has 11 venues in this category of festooning oneself for show. 



Learning can be fun as well, with 11 organizations bringing timely safety tips, demonstrations, specialty vehicles, and much more. 



For burning calories and involving big muscles in “lively” pursuits, our inflatable package of 12 attractions adds excitement, color and daring, hosted by patient and kindly volunteers and the professionals of Events Unlimited (who also bring the Petting Zoo). 



You can’t help bumping into professional entertainers (we call them “roving revelers”) who play their grin-producing skills throughout the park. 



Whether by skill, chance, or simple amusement, players will have a variety of challenges of a sporting nature, many with prizes attached, from testing your piloting skills in a flight simulator, digging for one of a thousand gems, stacking cups, winning a cake walk to testing your luck in bingo and many other games. 



Most of Fun in the Park is free, including the aroma from a dozen or more food and snack vendors.  But cash will be needed to satisfy hunger.  Another group of vendors has paid to tempt attendees with their products and services, and at press time, the following are participating, with more expected to register.